“Together the Village of Swanton and the Swanton Local School District have an outstanding partnership that makes Swanton a great place to raise children.  ”

Chris Lake


Swanton Local School District | Superintendent’s Office

108 North Main Street | t: (419) 826 – 7085 | f: (419) 825 – 1197


Welcome to the Swanton Local School District! The school system has been serving the community of Swanton since 1897. Currently the district serves approximately 1300 students in three buildings which are located in the heart of the community. Here in Swanton, “Our vision is to be the district of choice with an academic environment where student achievement is top priority, community involvement is vital, all individuals are valued and the school is a point of pride.”  

Our district has recently completed a renovation project on all of our facilities in an effort to provide an exceptional learning environment for all of our students.

At Swanton Elementary School we have added six brand new classrooms and have two more rooms under construction. The entire school now has air conditioned classrooms for the comfort of our students and staff during the hot months. Our new classrooms feature interactive projectors and sound reinforcement systems. The entire building’s  wireless infrastructure has been upgraded as well.  The entryway to the school has also been redone to make the building more secure for our students and staff. Swanton Elementary School will be home to grades K-4.

The newly updated Swanton Middle School has also undergone extensive updating. A new larger cafeteria has been added along with a wonderful new band and choir wing. New lockers have been added and all classrooms are now air conditioned. Swanton Middle School now boasts new security measures which make the building safer and more secure. We have upgraded our technology infrastructure at SMS and each student is given a Chromebook under our 1:1 program. Swanton Middle School will now house grades 5-8.

Swanton High School is a traditional 9-12 building that has also seen upgrades to its building security. The high school will also be home to our preschool program. Preschoolers have their own hallway with four newly renovated classrooms.

At the site of our former middle school the Fisher Gym is undergoing renovations to make it a stand alone athletic facility which will host middle school events and serve as the locker room for our football teams.

Everyone here in the Swanton Local School District is thrilled to have these wonderful facilities to offer to our students.

Swanton is a quiet suburban community located only few short miles from Toledo, Ohio. For anyone seeking a small town lifestyle with easy access to a larger city then Swanton is the place for you. Together the Village of Swanton and the Swanton Local School District have an outstanding partnership that makes Swanton a great place to raise children.  

Here in Swanton our goal is to create an environment where students are given the tools which will allow them to pursue their path in life and find happiness and success. In working to achieve this goal we are striving to create close ties to parents, community members and local businesses in an effort to enhance what we can accomplish for our students.

As a long time resident and parent of two students currently in the Swanton Local School District I can unequivocally state that here at Swanton students are provided with an excellent education. We have an exception group of people working in all departments who truly care about kids and you can see it in everything that they do. Once again welcome to the Swanton Local School District, your district of choice.  


Mr. Chris Lake
Superintendent of the Swanton Local School District