The Word…February 12-16

After School  Rehearsal Schedule

Sectionals are:

Woodwinds: Monday 2:45-3:30

Brass: Wednesday 2:45-3:30

Percussion: Thursday 2:45-3:30


Chicago Trip:

Final payment is due before we leave on Friday, February 23rd. Please arrive at school at 6:15 AM, drop off your bags and instrument in the band room to be checked, then head to the auditorium for instructions. If you missed the meeting, pick up an itinerary and information sheet from the table at the front of the band room.


Last Pep Band: Thursday, February 15

Please be in your seat ready to play at 6:30 PM. This is our last pep band of the year!


Concert Band Contest: 3/9 or 3/10 at Sylvania Southview HS

We will perform at contest in less than a month. Please practice your music! There is no excuse for not knowing your notes and rhythms at this point. You can play all of this music, but you have to work on it! I am more than happy to help you if you ask. In order to get ready for our contest performance, we will have concert on Tuesday, 3/6 at 7 PM to play all of our contest music in front of an audience.


Dates to Remember

Pep Band Thursday 2/15

Chicago Trip Friday 2/23-Sunday 2/25

Winter Concert Tuesday 3/6, 7 PM

Concert Band Contest Friday 3/9 or Saturday 3/10, will know 2 weeks prior


Want to receive Swanton Band updates via text message? Just text @swanband to 81010, enter your name, and you can start receiving text message alerts.


Chicago Trip General Information

DATES: Friday, February 23 – Sunday, February 25, 2018

DESTINATION: Chicago, Illinois


Barons Bus

(440) 882-3703


Renaissance Chicago O´Hare Suites

8500 W Bryn Mawr Avenue

Chicago, Illinois 60631

(773) 380-9600


TRAVEL AGENT: Noteworthy Tours

Jack Gray, Tour Consultant

(419) 627-2757


CHECK IN at SHS: 6:15 AM: drop off bags in band room with instrument, then sit in auditorium while bags are checked. We will begin loading the bus at 7:00 AM. We will leave a 7:30 AM.

To receive trip updates, please make sure you are signed up for Remind texts. Just text @swanband to 81010 and reply with your name.


You will need clothing for activities, hotel area, attractions, and travel.  Clothing must be clean and neat at all times.  School rules for acceptability of slogans on T-shirts will apply.

  • Jeans, sweatpants, sweatshirts, T shirts, and tennis shoes are fine for Friday
  • Please bring nice pair of jeans or khakis/nice pants and nice shirt for the clinic and concert on Saturday.
  • Please bring a warm coat, hat, and gloves. We will be walking.
  • Comfortable Walking Shoes or boots are a necessity.


  • You may bring ONE suitcase to go under the bus and ONE shoulder bag to go on the bus.  
  • Please make sure that all luggage is marked with your name.
  • You may bring snacks, pillows, etc. but everything must stay in your space.  You get one seat on the bus for you and all of your belongings. The trip is just over 3 hours. Your space is your seat and only your seat. Please be considerate.
  • We travel all morning and then we go straight to the Shedd Aquarium.

In your bag that will be on the bus you will want:

  • Anything that you want for that day. We will not check into the hotel until 3:30

Other Considerations:

  • Organize within your rooms who is bringing hair dryers, alarm clocks, curling irons, etc…  You don’t need four of everything.
  • There will not be any time in the rooms for stereos, movies, etc.  Please do not bring things that are probably going to be lost or stolen.  I will be handling DVDs on the bus.  You must use headphones for music.  
  • Do not over-pack your luggage.  If your bag cannot be easily closed, take something out!  If you want to shop on your trip, you may want to leave some space in you luggage for your souvenirs.
  • Purchase Travel size bottles of shampoo, conditions etc. or place the amount you need in small containers to take with you.
  • Instruments will all go under the buses unless you have a wood instrument.  We will have a box for flutes and clarinets.  Make sure that your valve oil is secured tightly.  Woodwinds have extra reeds.



En route Snack at rest stop on way there

In Chicago Breakfast provided Saturday, 2 lunches on your own, 2 dinners provided

Please be aware that food for lunch on Friday and Saturday is pricier than fast food. You may want to check out the places we will be going online.


  • You will need enough money to cover 2 lunches while you are there, any snacks you might want, and any souvenirs that you choose to purchase. You should eat breakfast Friday morning before we go or bring food with you on the bus.
  • Bring money in small bills, plus you are encouraged to bring travelers checks or prepaid visa cards; personal checks will not be accepted.  
  • It is a good idea to bring some sort of picture identification with you, especially if you plan to use a debit or credit card.
  • If you want to ration the money out in envelopes and have your chaperone hold it until that day—that is an option too.



  • All prescription medicine must be accompanied with a note, including what the medicine is and how many times a day it is needed.  Also include if the student is capable of taking it him or her self, or if you want a chaperone to help administer it/ hold on to it etc.  
  • Please note that it is the students responsibility to take medicine on time.  This includes inhalers!  All prescription medicine should be in the original container.  I would suggest that all students who need inhalers carry one themselves and give an extra one to their chaperone.
  • Over the counter drugs should be brought by the student.  We are legally not allowed to give Tylenol, Advil etc.  If you think an over the counter drug will be needed, please bring it yourself.
  • All students should notify their chaperone of any illness or accident immediately.  The chaperone will then send for the director.



  • There will be 6 adults in addition to myself and 39 students. That is one for every five to six student.  Each chaperone will have the same group of students for the whole trip.
  • Chaperones will be receiving a more detailed packet of responsibilities and duties.  They are aware that this is not a pleasure trip for them and that their main objective is the safety of our students.  
  • Chaperones will be checking in with the students at all locations on a regular basis and/or directly supervising them.  They will conduct room searches on a regular basis and check rooms in the evening before lights out. At night there will be security guards to monitor the halls.
  • All students will receive their chaperone’s phone number and chaperones will be given student’s phone numbers for communication.


  • All telephone calls are to be made from a pay phone or from a cell phone.  There will be no calls from the room.  This is to avoid room charges which will delay our departure.  Your room TV will not be able to access pay-for view stations.  
  • I strongly suggest every student have a cell phone—it makes it so much easier to contact a student should they get separated from the group.  

General Trip Guidelines

This trip is a school and band-approved function.  School rules, regulations and guidelines regarding school activities, and as explained in the student handbook, are in effect. When we travel as a band, it is necessary to have a certain amount of regulations that will help ensure an orderly form of conduct.  These regulations are not meant to put a damper on the trip, but instead are intended to ensure the most memorable trip of your life.

Represent yourself in a manner that will make everyone proud of a job well done. We want people to say they are glad we came and not say they are glad we are leaving! Our purpose is two-fold.  First, to represent our town, state, and school to the best of our ability; and second, to have fun and to make this a trip we will never forget! Please be mindful of this at all times.


  • Good manners at all times.   “Thank you” should be an important part of your vocabulary.
  • No profane or suggestive language, excessive horseplay, or roughhousing is permitted.
  • When you leave, do not take items from the hotel property that do not belong to you.
  • Security is tough on shoplifters.  They will prosecute you as an individual.
  • Be on time.  Scheduled times must be met.  We cannot wait on late people.  It’s unfair to waste the time of a group because you did not plan ahead.
  • Tell your director or chaperones of any problems immediately.

So that there are no misunderstandings, the following are specific guidelines that need to be addressed.

  • NO tobacco, e-cigs, drugs, or alcohol at any time during the trip. This includes having possession of any of the above.  This is in effect from the time you arrive for the trip until you arrive back home in Swanton.
  • At no time will students be permitted to change rooms or change buses. It is important for us to know exactly where everyone is.
  • Adhere to all curfews set and must be in your own room from the point of night room check to morning wake up.
  • Boys will not be allowed in girls rooms, and girls will not be allowed in boys rooms at ANY time.
  • Non-Swanton Band people are not allowed in anyone’s rooms.  No exceptions.  If you are meeting friends or relatives- it  must be in the main lobby with supervision of your chaperone.  We do not know what your Aunt Judy looks like.  To ensure the safety of all…this rule must be enforced.  There will be no one allowed in the rooms that did not come on the trip with us.

The procedure for action taken toward a student for any major misconduct or rule infraction will be notification of parents and subsequent termination of the trip. The student will be taken to the preferred transportation home, then sent home unaccompanied at parent/student expense. No refunds will be forthcoming for any portion of the trip missed as a result of the termination.  Once home, the process set forth in the Swanton Student Handbook and the Band Handbook will take effect.