The Word…March 20-25

Goals for this week:

  • Dynamics, style, articulation, balance, and blend in Saturn, Fantasy, and Flying Cadets
  • Be as musical as possible! Don’t just play notes and rhythms
  • Be able to play your part! Everyone else is counting on you.
  • Learn how your part fits in with everyone else´s part


Everyone will have sectionals this week!


Popcorn orders are due Monday, March 20th! Turn in all money and forms ASAP!


Scrapbooking Fundraiser: Saturday, March 25th

We need volunteers to help set up Friday night and to help carry things on Saturday. Saturday shifts are 8:30-10:30 AM and 4:30-6:30 PM. Please sign up on Google Classroom.


Band Fees

This is a reminder that your band fees were due by the end of band camp.  New member fee is $55.00 and covers the cost of shoes, shorts and t-shirt.  All upper-classmen owe a $25.00 maintenance fee to cover cleaning of uniform. Extra shirts and shorts are $10 each. We can also arrange an installment payment plan, but you need to contact Mrs. Preisner.


Dates to Remember

Musical March 30-April 2

State Contest April 21/22 @ Findlay HS

Spring Concert May 16th @ 7 PM in the SHS Auditorium

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