It’s with great excitement that I report to you the results of the Regional Business and Professionals Accounting Contest results. We basically monopolized our categories. Students with the top six test scores are given All-Region Academic status, with the top two in each event representing our region at the State BPA contest in Columbus, March 12-13.

Students are:

Fundamental Accounting (Juniors)
Regional Champion: Karah Kohlman
Runner Up: Hannah Gombash
Third Place:
Fourth Place: Josh Bradish
Fifth Place: Deric Meserau
Sixth Place: Neolle Vidak

Advanced Accounting: (Seniors)
Regional Champion: Brandon Avalos
Runner Up: Nate Timpe
Third Place: Megan Christiansan
Fourth Place: Emily Callicotte
Fifth Place: Hailee Roeder
Sixth Place: Leah McEwan

Payroll Accounting; (Seniors)
Regional Champion: Brandon Avalos
Runner Up: Megan Christiansan
Third Place: Matt Kusz
Fourth Place: Elizabeth Howard
Fifth Place: Emily Callicotte
Sixth Place: Leah McEwan

Financial Math and Analysis: (Open event for all BPA members)
Regional Champion: Nate Timpe (2 year Regional Champion)
Runner Up: Brandon Avalos
Third Place: Leah McEwan
Fourth Place: Elizabeth Howard

The six names that are bold denote the students that will be competing at State in March. It’s a big deal to qualify this many kids.