New Kindergarten Readiness Assessment Ensures a Better Start
At Crestwood Elementary, we want every girl and boy to enjoy school from the first day they enter Kindergarten. Coming to Kindergarten with certain skills already in place makes learning easier for your child. For example, children who have been read to, and children who can draw some basic letters, have an easier time learning to read. That’s important, because reading lays the foundation for learning throughout their school years.
This fall, we will begin to have a better way of determining what our Kindergarteners know and can do when they enter the classroom, so their teachers can find out if they need certain help to get off to a good start.
Our teachers will use the new Kindergarten Readiness Assessment to get a snapshot of every child’s knowledge and skills in six areas: social skills, math, science, social studies, language and literacy, and physical well-being and motor development. Teachers will then know what kind of help your child needs to be successful in Kindergarten.
How the assessment works
The teacher will assess every child in the class. Sometimes the teacher will work with your child alone. Sometimes he or she will observe your child during everyday classroom activities.
In some cases, the teacher will ask your child to answer questions that have only one correct answer. For example, the teacher will read your child a very short story and ask simple questions about the story. At other times, the teacher will look at how well your child can complete an activity, such as sorting shapes.
The results of your child’s assessments will not show on his or her report card. No score can keep your child from continuing in Kindergarten. The results simply help the teacher work with your child better.
Supporting your child in school as he or she takes the Kindergarten Readiness Assessment, and helping with your child’s learning at home, will help us make sure your child has a bright future in school.