It was recently brought to our attention that a number of our parents recently logged into the PowerSchool parent portal over the summer months and viewed what they thought to be their son or daughter’s teacher for this fall.  This feature is usually disabled over the summer in order to assure that parents and students don’t see a teacher-assignment until schedules are finalized. However, due to the updating and transition of our website, it was overlooked this year and only recently deactivated.

Please be aware that the school schedules are not finalized as of yet and changes can, and very likely will take place between now and mid-August.  Any schedule and/or teacher-assignment seen prior to mid-August was simply a tentative one created within the schedule-building process.
Check the website again after the second week in August to confirm which teacher your son or daughter will indeed have for the 2015-16 school year.  We apologize for any inconvenience this glitch may have caused.