This meeting, will enable us to get input from those in attendance on the three different options that the administration and board are considering for the November 2015 bond issue. Two options are:

1. A new Pre-K-6 building at the SHS campus (similar to our last attempt)

2. A unique way of refurbishing/renovating Park Elementary School (PES) and making it into a Pre-K-6 building

The two options above would include moving our 7th and 8th grade students to the current SHS building with some additional space added there. It would also include the likely demolition of both Crestwood Elementary School (CES) and the SMS (aka the Cherry Street Building). These options would be completed as a co-funded building with the state’s Ohio School Facilities Commission (OSFC). Since we are what’s considered a lapsed district, we need to raise our share of the project first (through a bond issue), and then ask the state if money is still available to co-fund the respective project.

3. A very basic renovation project of PES and CES that would create a Pre-K-3 building and a 4-8 building (this would be a non-OSFC project – in other words, no co-funding from the state)

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