It is a great pleasure to report to the community of Swanton that their local school district received the State’s highest rating of “Excellent with Distinction” on the most recent release of data and indicators in which schools are judged in Ohio. Congratulations on this accomplishment go out to our school personnel, the students, and all of our stakeholders who have a vested interest in the success of our most precious resources; our children, our future.
Swanton’s district data report shows evidence of achievement and progress in all four areas measured by the State and Federal Departments of Education. The Swanton Local School District:
• met 24 of 26 indicators. These State indicators were comprised of Ohio Achievement Assessments (OAA) and the Ohio Graduation Test (OGT) passage rates in grades 3 – 11,
• had an overall Performance Indicator of 100.8 which falls within the “Excellent” range,
• met the Federal measure of Annual Yearly Progress in ALL subgroup areas, and
• exceeded the Value-Added growth measure for the second consecutive year. In accomplishing this criteria, the district moved from “Excellent” to “Excellent with Distinction,” the highest designation that can be earned from the State of Ohio.
Additionally, Swanton Middle School was also recognized as “Excellent with Distinction.” The middle school met all eight indicators they are graded by and also achieved “Above” expected growth in the area of Value-Added.
Park Elementary School and Swanton High School were awarded ratings of “Excellence” for their efforts. Crestwood Elementary School by virtue of being a PK-2 building is not rated by the State due to the fact that there are not any testable indicators by which to judge them by.
We are very proud of our district’s most recent achievements and will be looking for ways to celebrate the accomplishments of the students, staff, and community of the Swanton Local School District in the coming weeks and beyond. Thank you to everyone who has had anything to do with making a difference in the youth of our school system!
If you have any questions regarding our most recent district “Report Card” please feel free to contact Superintendent of Schools, Mr. Jeff Schlade by email: or by phone at 419 826-7085.