“As a small school district Swanton is able to provide students with the time and attention they need to achieve success”


Chris Lake


Swanton Local School District | Superintendent’s Office

108 North Main Street | t: (419) 826 – 7085 | f: (419) 825 – 1197

Welcome to the Swanton Local School District! The school system has been serving the community of Swanton since 1897. Currently the district serves just over 1100 students in three buildings which are located in the heart of the community. Here in Swanton, “Our vision is to be the district of choice with an academic environment where student achievement is top priority, community involvement is vital, all individuals are valued and the school is a point of pride.”  

As we enter the 2022-23 school year Swanton continues to focus our efforts in several key areas. First and foremost, Swanton is committed to improving the literacy skills of our students. The district has a newly revised Local Literacy Plan which provides a roadmap for our efforts. This year will see the full implementation of our new ELA curriculum that will provide students with the opportunity to expand their vocabulary, improve their reading skills, and open their eyes to new ideas.

This coming year will also see the district’s continued commitment to career exploration. Our goal is that by the time every student reaches their senior year they have a plan in place for their next steps in life. Career exploration begins in the elementary school and continues on in the middle school in our one of a kind Careers class. Our seventh and eighth grade students all take this class in which they have the opportunity to explore their dream job, meet local business people, and discover the careers that are available to them right here in our county. In high school we work to refine our students’ paths so that by the time they are handed a diploma their course is set. We also offer a skills training course to help prepare high school students who wish to enter the workforce upon graduation. 

As the proud father of two Swanton graduates I can unequivocally say that a Swanton education will take you anywhere that you want to go in life. As a small school district Swanton is able to provide students with the time and attention they need to achieve success. The 2022-23 school year is shaping up to be one of the best yet. Go Bulldogs!


Mr. Chris Lake

Superintendent of the Swanton Local School District