New LOWER Income Tax Rate for Swanton School District Tax Payers!

Starting 1.1.2010, Swanton school District tax payers will have less money taken out of their paychecks and more money in their pockets. In November 2008, voters renewed the Swanton Local School District income tax for a reduced rate of .75% starting 1.1.2010. Swanton is the FIRST District that the Ohio Department of Taxation has heard of to voluntarily reduce taxes. Starting with the first paycheck in January 2010, residence of the District should have less Income Tax taken out of their paychecks. To make sure your Employer is aware of this and you start getting the reduced rate taken out you may want to make sure your employer has made the reduction change so the right amount of taxes is taken out of your paycheck:

What should I do to make sure my employer has reduced the rate?

Inform your employer that as of 1.1.2010 the rate has decreased and that they should lower the amount taken from your check. Here is a table from the Ohio Department of Taxation that shows all Income taxes that have changes for Ohio School Districts – Give this to your Employer or tell them they can download it from the link on the right

Please contact the office at 419-826-7575 and ask for Joyce Kinsman, CFO/Treasurer, if you have questions regarding the income tax. All taxes are sent to the Ohio department of Taxation and not the school. You must file a SD-100 yearly with the Ohio Deparmten of Taxation reporting your income tax.  There is a link to that form on the right.

In addition there is a link on the right to the Ohio Department of Taxation website that explains what you need to do to file an income tax return and who should file and how to file.