In preparation for the distribution of Chromebooks (“laptop” computers) to our 5th grade students and our 7th through 9th grade students, the school district is hosting a very important informational meeting for the parents and/or guardians of those students.

Please mark your calendar for August 31, 2016, Each family is strongly urged to send one parent or guardian from each household with a student in one or more of those grades to the Swanton High School auditorium at:

6:00 PM – parent(s)/guardian(s) of 5th & 9th grade students
7:00 PM – parent(s)/guardian(s) of 7th & 8th grade students

Each session will last only 45 minutes, will be informational in nature with time for you to ask specific questions. Afterward you would be encouraged to complete the necessary paperwork, and make the required insurance assessment payment (due one-time each school year) of $35.00 per unit (please contact the treasurer’s office if a payment plan will be necessary). Meeting attendance is only necessary one time per family so if you have multiple children, select only one meeting time to attend. More information on the Insurance Protection Fund can be found at:

The Chromebooks will be distributed to students at school when they will also receive the basic training needed in “care & use” of their Chromebook. All paperwork must be signed and returned and the $35 insurance assessment (due one-time each school year) must be received by the school district in order for a student to receive their device.

The distribution of these devices is a very exciting time for our students and school district. This is a big step forward in how we teach and learn in Swanton, and we hope to make the distribution process as smooth as can be. Your cooperation in this effort is greatly appreciated.