Dear Seniors,

  As you know, school and life as we know it changed dramatically in March.  Although we are under strict guidelines for graduation ceremonies, we have planned an event under these guidelines to celebrate your accomplishments.  We will be holding an all-day graduation ceremony on May 24, from 11:30-6:30 at the south entrance to the high school.  You will be sent a link that has time slots in 4 minute increments that you must sign up for.  You can only sign up for 1 time slot.  This time slot will be the time you pull up to the high school, exit your vehicle, and walk onto the outdoor stage to get your picture taken by a photographer.  You will be allowed two vehicles per graduate to pull up, and parents will be allowed to step out of their vehicle to take a quick picture as well.  Anyone who plans to exit the vehicle to photograph the graduate must be wearing a mask or face covering.  Only a parent or guardian taking the picture will be permitted to exit the vehicle.  In this envelope are 2 purple “tickets” that must be displayed on your dashboard in order to enter the graduation line.  Your name is on one side and must be displayed as you pull through.  

  1. Please show up only a couple minutes prior to your time slot.  If you show up well before your time, you will have to wait for your scheduled time
  2. Enter school property from the North (Main St entrance)
  3. Turn left at the flagpole and proceed to the stop sign at the track/pavilion area
  4. An SHS staff member will read the name on your purple “ticket” and hand you your diploma and graduation program
  5. Once the car in front of you has exited the stage area, you will be released to pull up to the south entrance
  6. Once at the stage area, the graduate will be allowed to get out of the car and walk up to the stage with their diploma and be photographed 
  7. Once photographed, graduate will return to car and exit school property via Ashberry Way
  8. THERE CANNOT BE ANY CONGREGATING OF ANY KIND ON SCHOOL PROPERTY.  In order to stay on time and allow everyone to enjoy this ceremony, we ask that you show up on time and abruptly exit after the “ceremony”.  
  9. Please wear your cap and gown!!!
  10. If you still owe fees or obligations, these must be paid before you can get your diploma.  If you owe money, a bill is enclosed.  
  11. The 2020 ceremony will be held rain or shine.  

Although we would love to hold a more traditional ceremony, we believe this is a way to honor such a great class in a way that is safe, healthy, and follows all guidelines.  If you have any questions, please email me.  


Stay safe,

Mr Longbrake