Something new we will be implementing this year at SHS is the inaugural “Frosh Fest” on August 24.  On this first day of school , ONLY FRESHMEN WILL BE IN SCHOOL AT SHS.  All other buildings will start as usual, but here at SHS, Freshmen will have a unique day that will orient them to their new life as a high school student.  To go along with this, there will be a freshmen-parent meeting on August 22 at 6pm in the High School auditorium.  This meeting, for freshmen parents only, will outline the expectations for high school students here at SHS, as well as allow these parents to ask any questions they may have about their 9th graders high school experience.  To summarize: 9th graders will begin the ‘16-’17 school year on Aug 24, and all other SHS students will start the school year on Aug 25.