Student Device Care

Chromebooks will be brought to school everyday with a full charge. Students will charge devices at home.
​Students in Grades 5-12 will take devices home every night.

Students will use Chromebooks and associated accounts for school and educational purposes only and will follow the guidelines for safe and appropriate use outlined in the district’s Acceptable Use Policy.

Students will complete assigned course work on the Chromebooks. The Swanton Local School District has selected Google Classroom as the standard Learning Management System(LMS).

Students will be expected to return Chromebooks at the end of the loan agreement or at the request of the Swanton Local School district in a clean, good working condition without any personalizations.
Students are responsible for caring for the device.

Students must discuss with parents/legal guardians prior to connecting to internet networks at home or other areas. (Examples: Understanding data plans and rates so additional charges won’t be incurred or accessing unfiltered networks.)

Proper Care for Chromebooks

  • Devices must always remain in case.
  • Make sure to keep the Chromebook, cord and case in safe places to avoid any uneccessary damage.
  • When updates are available to install, shutdown the device to install the update during a time when it will not interrupt instruction.
  • Students will keep devices clean.
  • Students will keep food and drinks away from the devices, cords and cases.
  • If technical support is needed, students will enter a ticket using and follow instructions as indicated in the reply of the ticket.