Swanton Local School District | Elementary School Music

Welcome to the Elementary Music page:

Crestwood Elementary Music

Singing, dancing and playing instruments is the main focus of the general music class. Students get to sing at the Veterans Day Program, have a school wide Holiday sing-along, Crestwood Music Box in the spring, as well as 2nd Grade annual Spring Musical Program.

All students get to learn how to play many different types of percussion instruments; hand drums, shakers, tambourines, triangles, boomwhackers and much more. In 1st grade students get to learn how to play the xylophone, and in 2nd grade students continue to learn how to improvise simple melodies on the xylophone.

Park Elementary:

At Park student continue to learn to play melodies on the xylophone, create musical compositions and learn about music from different cultures and composers. 4th and 5th grade students learn how to play the recorder.

Students get to participate in the Veteran’s Day program, Holiday sing-along, Music in the Park and the annual 5th Grade Winter Musical Program.

Julianna Frost | Elementary Music Teacher